It helps to know people!


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Alright it helps to have connections, I have one through my dad that I thought would never come in handy but it just did! I get to go on a maintenance ride with TAC (i think thats the company name, they sell business aircraft) on a "22 million dollar business aircraft" that they are selling for a company. I don't know many details but I know I need to not go the the lacrosse tournament I have that day. I don't know much more than that other than I can't wait!
Nice! Enjoy!!

My aunt is married to a man who is the President/CEO/Founder of a corporation. They have a Falcon (100? - it's a small Falcon) and she has told me numerous times that the next time I visit, I am going up with them if I want.

Believe me - I'm there!

Keep us posted and tell us how it goes.