Israeli Fighters escort a DAL jet

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JERUSALEM – Israeli fighter jets were scrambled to escort a Delta Air Lines plane flying from New York to Tel Aviv after the pilot activated a hijacking alert by mistake.
Transportation ministry official, Dani Shenar, told Israeli media Saturday that nobody was hurt in the incident.
He said two jets hovered briefly over the plane carrying over 100 people and escorted it safely to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport.
A technical malfunction had prevented the pilot from communicating with the airport's control tower.
The transportation ministry said it will launch an investigation.

Didn't see this posted anywhere, hope I'm not reposting
If they were that close, holy cow man, there's like four people in the cockpit.
Oh my gawd, the Doug Taylah is on owah approach frequencee! Doug Taylah is awn Tel Aviv approach!
Aviation webmaster on COM1, I'm all verklempt! Discuss it amongst yesselves!