Is Your Field On The List - RW Incursions


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Most incursions
Here are the 10 airports that reported the most runway incursions between Oct. 1, 1998, and Sept. 30, 2002:

Los Angeles, 34
North Las Vegas Airport, Nev., 34
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Fla., 33
John Wayne-Orange County Airport, 31
St. Louis, 29
Phoenix, 28
Long Beach-Daugherty Field, 24
Concord-Buchanan Field, Calif., 24
Chicago-O'Hare, 22
Boston, 20
San Diego-Montgomery Field, 20

Source: FAA


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I know for a fact that FXE tries to set you up. They clear you to taxi to Banyan and don't tell you to hold short of 31. Even though the runway is not in use there are some bad apple controllers who issue you an incursion when you cross it.

My DO was caught that way and the FAA threw the case out. It still, however, counts as an incursion report.


Well I fly out of SNA, and have visited LAX and LGB on quite a few occasions!! So you could say I am all over the list.


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I'm surprised Boston was on the list. Unless you come very close to hitting someone else, they just say no harm-no foul and leave it at that.


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BOS is really bad. In fact I had a runway incursion there on my first leg on IOE taxiing to the gate on the 737.

We landed on 4R and were given something like this: "Cross 4L, taxi via N, hold short of 15R"

I read the clearance back and put my head down to do the after landing checklist... Next thing I know, I hear someone on the radio say " he going to stop?", I look up and scream "OH [expletive deleted] STOP NOW!! STOP STOP STOP!!" and we're just about to cross 15R and a TWA MD-80 aborts takeoff.

The scary thing is, is that when the TWA jet finally got stopped, he was already past the intersection on which we were going to cross.

Captain: "Oh, I didn't hear the hold short part".

Lesson learned: "Don't always assume your captain, regardless of experience, doesn't require your help or attention during taxi procedures. Never in a million years."

I don't care if it's at my home airport in DFW or somewhere easy like ATL, if we've got a hold short instruction, the checklist stops cold. I don't even take my eyes off the taxiway until we're on a long straightaway.


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Wow! That could have ended a lot worse. STUPID QUESTION WARNING: If you had not been the NFP and were actually at the controls when that happened (and the Captain was doing the after landing checklist with his head down), what would have been the outcome (as far as who is responsible on paper for the incursion)?

I have a feeling the Captain would still take the heat on paper, BUT not before giving you a mouthfull of his own four letter words!