Is this worth it?


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There is an unpaid internship posting on UND's Aerospace Website that caught my attention. I'm not even close to these minimums, but if I was, would you think this intership would be worth it?

Job Title: Beechcraft Premier 1 Jet
Requirements: Commercial, multiengine land, instrument airplane. Minimum 1000 total: 250 ME, previous turbine/pressurized aircraft time a plus. Minimum commitment is 1 year from completion of training.

Job Description: Fly approximately 200 - 300 hours/year.
Note: successful candidate will receive training for a Premier 1 (RA 390S) type rating ($20,000 cost). This is a demanding, high profile opportunity for the right person. You will need to accommodate a flexible schedule with overnight trips.

Full or Part Time: Part Time Position
Start Date: ASAP
End Date: 1 yr from completion of tng.
There is an unpaid internship posting

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Do I sense an air of jealousy Tenney? Maybe it's because I made it to the bigs and you didn't?
No I'm not jealous but I am upset that you are impersonating me with the same avatar.

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