Is this normal?


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Is it customary for a brand new regional or majors pilot to have to pay for their food and lodging to go to training?


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I think all that stuff used to be covered, but it wouldnt suprise me in this day and age to have to pay for all of that yourself so the airline can save a dime. I wouldnt mind, as long as I was hired.


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I paid for my own care and feeding at Skyway and at Delta.

Skyway didn't pay me during training at all, but Delta did.


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I had to pay for food and housing (although I was provided a $450 housing allowance in my first week) during training. We also were paid for 65 hours during training, then after OE were paid for the 75 hour guarantee. During sim training, we were provided housing at an "extended stay" suites place in Minneapolis that had a kitchen so we could cook. Still no free food though.


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AA and Eagle are about the only places out there that provide housing. But you'll be on your own for food.


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At my regional airline the new hires are paid during training at 60 hours/month at 21.00 per hour and receive 8 hours of per diem per weekday at 1.40 per hour. Back in the day they gave you 800.00 over the course of training to offset hotel costs. Since the market is saturated with pilots, they no longer pay the 800.00.

If you do sim or aircraft training away from domicile they pay for the hotel and 24 hours a day per diem.

In general, this is a little better than average.


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At Allegheny I don't remember what they during training was but it was pretty sweet - I know it was better than all of the other regionals and most of the majors.

At Midway they paid $50 a day that you were actually in training(not on Saturdays etc) plus paid the hotel bill but you were on your own for food.



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Skywest provides housing. I can't remember if they pay during training anymore- they did for a while. When I went through 4.2 years ago we got nuttin'