Is this a typical first class medical?


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I live in Frankfurt, Germany, and I found the AME for my area at Yesterday I went for a first class FAA medical in the Lufthansa base, the AME recommended to me, at FRA. It was certainly more than I expected. The battery of tests included audiology, perimetry (Has anyone done this before?), blood and urine, EKG, eyes, and a check-up with a flight surgeon. Total time was four hours, and it cost me 100 euros. This was my first medical exam. Does this sound typical of what I would receive at an AME in the states?
I remember that my very first 1st class medical/student pilot certificate was pretty much like that except for the blood work, ever since then since the guy knows me real well now he doesnt really check much of anything when i go back every year for a 1st class......
My 1st class took about 30 min. They measured my height and weight, checked my urine, checked my blood pressure/pulse, checked distant and near vision, listenend to my lungs, and checked for colorblindness. That's about it. Pretty easy.

In the states you only need an EKG if you are over 35. You can request one if you are under 35 but I can't immagine why you'd want to, unless you suspect you have a problem, but then I'd check that with my regular doctor before I volunteer the information to an AME. They usually cost extra if you need/want an EKG.