Is the approx. length of programs accurate?


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Pan Am gives an approx. time, in # of weeks, for how long each program will take. How accurate are these? Do most people finish on time or do they take longer? And if you do need more weeks, how does that affect the rest of your programs? Is there waiting around time in between if you get off schedule? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks.
The times are an average. It depends on how well you grasp the rating. I finished the Instrument rating at DVT in the 4-weeks that it says it should take. A couple of my buddies finished a week before me and several are only half way through. It depends on if you get hung up on a procedure like holding or NDB's etc.. Also, weather might be a factor, if you have to keep canceling flights due to the weather, it might take you longer to get through the rating.
Hope this helps
I did the whole program from 0 to hero in 10 month 2 weeks. I think its pretty accurate.

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what turk did is uncommon in my experiences at Panam. but things were pretty close to accurate, but there seemed to be hickups that made things longer at times