is paying for climbto350 worth it?

I think you're pretty much covered for the 121 operators here at JC in the jobs available section. I know that climbto350 has more international 121 ops and 135 listings, but if you wanna some info just post in the jobs needed section and maybe someone who already has a membership at the site can pass the info onto you.

You should save your money for the hard times.....

Uh, well I'm not under hard times by any means. I'm just looking around.

I posted in the jobs needed section. I just reached 135 mins and would like to move onto something new.
I think the $14/month is worth it. I got two jobs through, one of them was for a CFI position. I'm about to sign up myself again, since I'm on the edge of getting canned here (maybe).
I just reached 135 mins and would like to move onto something new.

If you wanna fly turboprops there is a 135 company in Ohio called Charter Air Transport, they have a couple of jets based in Florida and Ohio, as well as some Emb 120 turboprops that they operate casino flights with out of FRG in NY.
It seems 95% of the jobs listed are crew leasing companies wanting 1000 turbine in type for various jet jobs, 3% are freight outfits you already know about (Airnet, Paragon, Key Lime), and 2% are the rare unusual ones (Citation II job for local pilot in Los Banos, CA, CFI jobs almost anywhere) that can be found on and

Not going to renew this month.
I'm a member, but I will say that 90% of the jobs most of us on JC aren't remotely qualified for. I paid for the year, and I do check it regularly, but so far there hasn't been any benefit for me. Take that for what its worth.
Don't waste your money. For a long time I've held off on purchasing an account, mainly because I don't agree with the idea of making USERS pay for such a site, when there are tons of sites out there that can easily contain the same information for free. I finally broke down and bought a year subscription a few days ago and what a let down. All it is, is a big list of job postings. You can search the listing via a keyword, buts thats pretty much else. You'd think for 60 bucks they'd at least have some freaking FEATURES like search by region or filter by times required, or at the VERY least seperate mechanics/pilots/managers jobs into seperate listings. As an amateur web developer, the whole thing really makes me sick. I could write up a climbto350 clone in less than a day and host it for less than 10 bucks a month. For the past few days I've began brainstorming whether or not making my own climbto350 site would be worth it as a side project. I don't know, even if I were to start one no companies would advertise there because there are no users, and no users are there because no companies advertise there, etc...
Tough call IMO. I've gotten interviews for jobs off of climbto350, but I never had anything pan out from there. Although my last charter job I got off of a similar website, Even when hiring was good, unlike now, it was hard to compete for some jobs because there was a lot of competition since a lot of pilots do use that site.

I'd say it's probably worth it just to see what's out there, but I have noticed there are a lot of companies on there that seem to have problems keeping employees.
I'd say it's probably worth it just to see what's out there, but I have noticed there are a lot of companies on there that seem to have problems keeping employees.

There are definitely some exceptions, but you have to wonder sometimes about an advertised pilot job. Most of the good ones are word of mouth (or filled via internal networking). is pretty good though... It's more along the lines of internal networking.
I got my current CFI job off of climbto350 and also got 3 other calls from companies I applied to on climbto350. There are some 135 companies that post there but I never really looked for them. Flight Express seems to post there a lot and I think Ameriflight had some postings there too. The good thing about that site is that it updates every day. Good luck!
I think its definately worth it. Even though many jobs posted there have mins that are out of reach, you should still apply to the ones you want. Many of these companies post the experience they would like to see in an applicant, but they will still hire pilots with much less. Just my experience. Ive been able to find some contract work through the site, so its been worth it to me for sure.
Got my current gig there, and it isn't the sort of place you "just hear about". I'd payed for months and was starting to get tired of all the same stuff I wasn't qualified for, then out of the clear freaking blue, this job posting fell in my lap. Interviewed a week later, was flying two weeks after that. Obviously, "your mileage may vary", but for me it was worth it.