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Hey whats up guys, I was just wondering, in yalls opinons, is right now a good time to enroll in DCA starting from scratch? I mean when I'm done with everything are the delta connection carriers gonna have stopped ordering CRJ's, and not have many pilot positions open? So if you guys could give me some info and predictions on if nows a good time to start and if pilot positions will still be open in the time frame it would take me to finish at DCA that would be awsome....thanks guys...take it easy
My 0.02 only.

I have no clue if or when DCA will stop ordering CRJs and I also do not think this is the right question to ask. What if DCA will stop ordering CRJs the moment you take that loan? Will you quit? IMO DCA is a good school and will give you quality training regardless the guaranteed interview.

But the real question is: Do you REALLY want to fly for an airline? If so, than the right attitude is to go get the training wherever, go stick it out as a CFI for minimum wage, and simply get in line after the rest of the pilots who are more qualified/competitive and WAIT IT OUT. As long you are not even in line, you will never get there.

I think right now getting the ratings and hours as a CFI is a good idea although we do not know when the hiring low will be over, it will be over at some point because there is no question about it, sometime there are more airplanes going to be needed. When that is? When will the current overstuffing, overcapacity be over? God knows only.

But if I look at some guys who are right now flying for the majors, a bunch of them started out right when there was another doom scenario as far as hiring. They are there now because they did not quit or got discouraged. Typically those who quit the moment things start to look unfavorable, are the ones who will never get there.

If you get ready for the next hiring now, you will be among the ones to be picked up. If you will wait to get your training until there will be another hiring boom and everyone and their mother wants to become a 747 captain again, then by the time you are ready for an interview the boom may be over.