Is it worth it?


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Hey everyone.

Riddle just sent me some information about their campus today. As great as it looks, I cannot help but wonder is it worth it? I mean, you get your degree in aviation as well as your flight training, but how good is the quality? What can you do if, knock on wood, flying does not work out? I hear so many bad stories, is there anything good to say about it? Thanks for any replies.

Embry Riddle is a very well respected and professional school and the quality of their training is top notch if you can afford it. I wouldn't, however, recommend getting your degree in aviation. Get your degree in something that’s a little more marketable. That way if, god forbid, you lose your flying job, you will be able to get another job without losing the quality of life that you have become accustomed to.

Also, don’t rule out the possibility of training at a part 61 FBO. If you can find a good instructor you can receive quality training for a fraction of the cost and in the long run it really doesn’t matter where you get your ratings.
Having went to Riddle for a while, I would very strongly recommend against it....but, so as not to start a war, send me a PM or email ( and I'll be happy to explain.
I'll be graduating from Riddle in the summer and I would also recommend against going here. The school may have a good reputation and could help in getting a job but I think there are better choices out there.