IRF training partner


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OK, I am getting close to finishing up my instrument training here and would like to find another person to safety pilot for me. You all know the drill, I get the valuable hood time that I need, you get to log the PIC time, and we split the plane. So how bout it? I live in Lapeer, MI and fly out of KFNT most of the time. It can also be arranged to fly out of Lapeer if need be. Planes I fly regularly are 172s now and htere is an older one for $75 an hour. HTe newer ones are $98 an hour. All have GPS. Email me if you are interrested -
I hope to be beginning IFR training in a couple of months or so, and was wondering the same thing about people in the ATL area?
Wow...49 for a 152 in Cali...not bad. Is there a monthly club fee or something. Do you have to have your own insurance. I've got a pretty nice 152 aerobat with a IFR approach approved GPS that goes for $60.
The 152's are at my school (Part 141 "Academy"), and are in great shape. The maintainence is top notch, and the planes have good avionics. (King IFR)

No club dues, but you need to have at least a +$100 balance I think to get academy rates.

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