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I'm not sure if I should be posting this here or in the Checkride Central forum.

I'm am just going through a practice written test using the Dauntless software, and I am struggling with one of the flight planning questions. I know that the flight planning questions should only answered at the end of the test as they take ages to go through the calculations and some people just try to remember the answers to all the flight planning questions.

Anyway, I don't know if this is an issue with the Dauntless software or a bad question, or perhaps I am just an idiot, but I think I have found an error.

The planned flight is from Hot Springs Memorial to Addison, TX. It starts off with a climb from HOT to MARKI on a heading of 221 (for which the time is provided), then from MARKI to TXK on a heading of 210, and then the TXK.BUJ3 arrival to Addison. But looking at the enroute chart (provided) it shows the heading change occurs at ELMMO not MARKI. In itself, calculating the times for each leg is no biggie, but the semi-completed nav log provided seems to be wrong.

Anyone else notice this? Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else care?


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The figures should come straight from the FAA, so a mistake in this case would likely be theirs. You can download the actual FAA test supplement here and check to make sure the correct figure for that question is being displayed in the software:

For what it's worth, I quit using Dauntless because of the number of incorrect explanations and answers I found. Gleim is a better choice in my opinion, even if it is more expensive.


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Thanks for the reply.

I had a look at the FAA supplement and it seems that the one that Dauntless is using is current, I guess it is a FAA error.

I'll look into the Gleim stuff, I was put onto Dauntless by another JC'er and went ahead and bought the IR, CPL and CFI package, and thus far have been pretty impressed.


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You meant to say:

The figures should come straight from the FAA, so a mistake in this case would be likely.