IPC Needed PHX


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Hey all,

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this but i hope so. Furloughed 121 regional pilot here, haven't touched a plane since Oct 9! I believe I should get an IPC to keep that current. Wondering if anyone knows of any good CFIs in the PHX area. I would love to find a good deal out there so I don't have spend alot, hence the no flying for a year. I hope no one takes this the wrong way. More than happy to pay a CFI, just would love to get a great rate on a plane. Would love to just go up shoot a bunch of approaches and holds. Thanks again.

ps. If anyones looking for some company as hey do touch n goes let me know!
Start Here. There is a good sized pilot group from this forum (including the big man himself) in PHX.