For Sale iPad Mini 16GB - Cracked Screen


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EDIT: This is a WiFi only unit.

I am going to be buying a new iPad mini Retina and have decided to sell my current iPad mini. It functions perfectly and it in pretty much perfect condition other than the cracked screen. I've been using it for months with the cracked screen and don't really even notice it any more. You can buy a new screen on Ebay for about $30, but I don't have the know how to replace it. There are no dents or scratches anywhere on it other than 1 place on the left side (see pic) where the screen cover rubbed the paint off. It comes with the original box, brand new charger and cable. I'm asking $175 plus $8 shipping. I figured I'd try here before listing on Ebay.


I don't know why the screen looks fuzzy/funny in this pic, but in person it doesn't look that way.




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