interviews questions.....


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just curious what questions there going to ask if you, if) you applied for regionals, a part 135 cooperate or the majors?.(is it more of a HR question or do you have to brush up on dispatcher related questions?


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The one regional interview I had was a mix of reading wx, determining whether or not a few different flight examples were legal to dispatch based on said wx, dispatch questions like alternate minimums, 3585 and various regulations (items required on a release, factors for computing fuel, etc) reading an approach plate and HR type questions.

I'd definitely recommend being interview ready, regardless of what you think they may or may not include in the process. Know your stuff - that will set you apart from those that didn't make the effort to study. You can most likely count on a written test, as well as dispatch and HR questions before a panel. I think that's pretty standard. At mine, there were only 3 people that made up that panel.

My interviews at the 2 supplemental airlines I've worked at have been really low key. The first was more a discussion on the company with the DO, followed by HR type interview questions from two supervisors, separately and then together. The second (current) was literally a discussion on the project and what to expect. I was hired based on the recommendation of my former boss.

Hope that helps ;-)