Interview Written Exam?


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I just had a question regarding ATP's written exam that they give on the day of the interview. Do the questions come from the PPL Test Prep Book, or are they originated by ATP? Concerning the format, are there other types of questions other than multiple choice?

pscraig, I think you might be able to shed some light on this if you don't mind! Also, if you don't mind.....could you provide a little run-down on what to expect on the day of the interview? Witten, oral, sim, etc.

I am just hoping to get as much advice/gouge as I can before going to interview.

Thanks a lot
The test is a mix of FAA and ATP questions, and is designed to test basic private-pilot level knowledge like airspace, regs, etc. I don't remember the exact format, so there may be a few write-in questions. After the written, you will fly a sim for a short flight. The objective here is to test some basic flying skills-nothing fancy.

I thought the whole interview process was easy, but definitely a good idea. Since the program is so short, there isn't time for remedial training so you have to be proficient upon arrival. Not checkride-perfect, just proficient.