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I passed my O&P on Sunday and I have an interview with a Part 135 charter company on Wednesday this week. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Iv'e only done one other real interview in my life and that was for a job at the grocery store when I was Much less an aviation interview.


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Start off on the right foot.

Suit pressed, jacket on when entering. "Relax, take your jacket off" is what you're probably going to hear next. Unless the company specifically states "no ties", doing this shows you care.

Have a copy of your CV, résumé, and applicable certificate(s) handy.

Be prepared to talk about yourself, practice beforehand. You want to come off confident in abilities to contribute, not cocky. Looking in a mirror and practicing is uncomfortable as hell, but it helps.

Review any applicable course material as it relates to the job. Be prepared to ask them a few questions. 135 carriers are not required to use 121 dx'ers, so your job description might differ from a 121 operation.

Don't be a •. Manners and posture go a long way. When someone else enters the room, STAND UP and shake his/her hand. People notice this stuff. There's a lot more, but I gotta go. Good luck!


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You may not have realized it but the interview process starts the moment they call you to set up an interview.

Know some information about the company you are interviewing with, history, projected future.

You will probably be asked several what-if type questions.

Good Luck


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Be ready to ask them questions as well. They always ask and it is always a good thing to have a question or 2 ready. Good luck!


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Thanks guys, my interview went well, it was actually pretty laid back. I didn't have a chance to do very much research on the company, and didn't have much time to think about educated responses to key questions. Luckily I didn't get asked to many questions regarding these topics at hand. It was a great experience, I was asked some basic questions about myself, why I wanted to be a dispatcher, what my fellow students and teacher say about me if asked..etc. it was more informal on the job I was applying for. If I get the job, it seems for the first year or so I will be doing overal assistant work for anyone and everyone. After a year, I can be promoted to flight follower/dispatcher. I feel like it would be a great opportunity to get my "teeth wet" as the interviewer described.