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Hello all,

I just had my CFI single engine add on today so now I have my MEI, double I, and single. I scheduled an interview today with Connie for the 9th, so I will be leaving Phoenix as soon as possible to get there ahead of time. I've seen a few places on craigslist for rooms to rent by the week, but if anyone at FSA has something available I'd be interested.

I'm also interested to know as much as possible about the interview ahead of time. I have plenty of time in a FRASCA Seminole simulator, but I've never done anything with an NDB. Also interested to know what is on the written test, I don't imagine it's anything I shouldn't already know, but knowledge is comfort.

I'm going to drop in a few days earlier to check out the place and say hello (provided the move goes as planned) so don't be a stranger and say hello!


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Study FOI, there is a lot on the written.

I'm moving out of my apartment on the beach, it's a 2/2. 900/month


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Better get some flight sim time and practice with the a moveable card NDB or RMI....

Bliz, where are you headed? or just moving elsewhere in VRB?


Flying inside the TFRs
ATP's FRASCAs do not have RMIs or ADFs, is there any way I could get into FSA's before my interview? Are they going to beat me up if I've never used an ADF?