Interview at Pan Am International Flight Academy


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I just got off with the phone with the recruiter from Pan AM and am going to interview for a CFI spot.

Has anyone gone through the interview there?

Just wondering if anyboey has any advice the the interivew.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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They will typically have you teach a lesson during the interview. There might be a sim session as well. Pretty relaxed process.

I think they require a 12 month contract.


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Thanks for the info.
I have no problem with a year contract because I am desprately in need of job because I was laid off last week.

Have you interviewed at Pan Am?


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i interviewed there about a month ago. it was an easy experience. they want you to teach a lesson and then they get to know you. you get a pretty good idea whether or not they want to hire you by their body language. i was thoroughly impressed with their operation and professionalism. wear a suit too. they like to see that you care.