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when i was at FSI, they mentioned this opportunity.

is there anyone here that can tell me more than what they told me?

how long did you do it? where? good experience? why?
You go to another center to intern there. Realize that FSI in Vero is a LOT different than the other centers. We are the only primary training center. Every other center is sim-only, exclusively for the type specific training of professional (or very rich individual aircraft owners) pilots. The intern consists of teaching a few adjunct courses and sitting first officer for any pilots that need a partner for training. This means you will be spending a LOT of time in a high tech (usually level D) sim training with pro pilots to deal with the toughest situations imagineable. This also means you will have incredibly valuable industry contacts as well as a STRONG working knowledge of whatever aircraft you are assigned to. Some/most internships end in you earning your type rating free as a thank you/send off bonus. Depending on a/c type, that can be worth $50K +! So now you are a young experienced sim instructor/fill-in pilot with a type rating and the business cards of every major flight department that flies that aircraft. Be a nice guy, network properly, you WILL get a job. The internship is an incredible opportunity that only FSI could provide since it IS the world's largest aviation training group.

Make sense?

Hey Chunk,
I am so glad to see that you have not yet lost your motivation. FSI was and is a great school and the intern program can and probably will help alot of graduates find jobs. Alot of other school promise many things and I can't really say if the deliver or not since I did not attend any of them. I have friends who have and the reactions and emotions I get are mixed. I do know what I received though and it was a great education for the cost promised (actually a bit under budget) unfortunatly the intern program was not around when I was there. If someone wants the best flight education there really is no other choice, FSI is where they should be. The job market will cycle and sooner (probably later) we will find a flying job.

By the way Chunk how is everything down in Vero, I got back from deployment about 4 weeks ago. Nice to be back. Take care.
so what does it take to get on with one of those internships?

whats are the chances i guess.
Lots and lots and lots and lots...have I mentioned lots of hard work. They take the best and second place is just the first place loser. I am not trying to discourage you, but you have to realize early on that the competition is stiff so you just have to better than everyone else. Good luck, fly safe.
To be eligible for the internships, you have to complete the CFI course, then go throught the interview process and get put on 'the list'. When I went throught the interview process the majority of those interviewing were successful. It varied from month to month but was probably 70-80%. That was along time ago, so all I can say is ask around. After that you apply for the internships. You have to interview for this as well, but I don't think this is a big thing. I know of at least one person who was turned down by the center they wanted, but ended up going to another center. I think that if you apply yourself while you are here you will be ok. If you don't feel comfortable interviewing, the people in Job Placement will help you with mock interviews, etc.

As far as I know, there are 3 internships offered. One is the 90 day internship for students on the CFI wait list. You spend some time in various offices helping out, and some time in the Sim learning your aircraft. You also get qualified to teach 'enrichment' classes. These could be classes like high altitude operations, etc. You are supposed to spend a certain amount of time in the sim, so you will not just be an office slave. Usually at the end of the internship you end up with a SIC checkout. A few have gotten type ratings, but I am not sure if they are still doing this. I would think that they are probably not typing most student interns. There have been a few who have had their internships extended beyond the 90 days, and these would probably end up with a type rating after a year.

The second internship is for instructors done with their contracts and is for 1 year. These get typed. The only drawback is it pays $7.00 hr and is part time. I would only do this if I met ATP minimums, they you could get typed, and get the ATP at the same time.

There is also an internship offered with ASA airlines. It is like a traditional college internship. You get rotated among several departments for about a semesters worth of time. After you are done, if you did a good job, you are eligible for an interview at lower minimums, assuming they are hiring. Usually airline interns are a 'shoe in'. You are also usually expected to work for no pay and pay all living expenses.

Your best option if you want really detailed up to date info is to call marketing..