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ok, i know i want to get my ratings with ATP. but, i am wondering how important it is for me to do an internship. i will be graduating auburn university with a degree in aviaiton management in may 2004. i am wondering if i should do an internship as soon as i graduate and then go to ATP or if i should just skip the internship and go ahead and get my ratings and hopefully a job with ATP. an internship with ASA last 15weeks and from what i hear highly increases you chance of getting a job with them.

any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Do the internship, then go to ATP. Having an internship under your belt generally means you're subject to much lower hiring mins than off-the-street applicants. At ACA, former interns are hired at 600 TT.
I would definitely do the intership. I will trade you a job in this office for the internship. Its all about who you know. So take full advantage of the opportunity at ASA.

so in other words.... you would suggest taking the internship over building around 300hrs. in the seminole?
so in other words.... you would suggest taking the internship over building around 300hrs. in the seminole?

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You can always go to ATP after your internship but you'll kick yourself forever for not taking the intern opportunity.
so in other words.... you would suggest taking the internship over building around 300hrs. in the seminole?

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We dont build over 300 hours in the seminole. Unless you're an instructor. You finish with around 130-140. and just like braidkid said, the internship might just be a one time deal. ATP will be around for a long time.
I was just wondering, how come you didn't get your ratings at auburn univ? I was looking at auburn as a possible school to attend next fall and one thing I like is that it seems that they have a lot of interships with various airlines, is this true?
they do have various internships set up with different far as why i didnt get my ratings the time i started auburn the flight program was going through some hard times. therefore i decided to get my ratings elsewhere once i graduated. however, it has gotten much better now and if you are planning on spending four years here getting a degree, then i would suggest you get your ratings at auburn. also, i think it is hard to beat ATP and all that multi time.

by the way, when i said build 300hrs of multi time i was refering to the amout of hours i could build with ATP as an instructor during the four months i could be doing an internship.

i was told by one of my professors, a retired united captain, that i should go to atp first and get my ratings and start building time. he said i would make a number of contacts along the way and that there would most likely be someone who could walk my resume in for me when the time came. as of right now i am still thinking about forgoing the intership and going straight to ATP, unless there are a lot of current ATP instructors out there with lots of multi time that would advise me to do different.

thanks everyone for the input!
Dude you gotta be crazy not to do the internship. It's only 15 weeks anyway its not like its a lifelong commitment or anything. Plus think of all the people you would mingle with that could potentially walk in your resume. You would be able to see the inner workings of the airline and how stuff really goes on. ATP's will still be waiting for you 15 weeks down the road.

thats just my $.02
I would do the internship. Flying is not going away in the 15 weeks of your internship, its been around for 100 years and it will more then likely be here another 100.... As far as contacts go......Think of all the people you'll meet working at the airline. Hell you might decide you don't want to be an airline pilot after doing the internship.Besides ATP should be there when you get done. That multi time is sweet huh!? I just toured Jacksonville, and I didn't want to get out of the Seminole.
the reason i am leaning towards atp first is because the retired united pilot, who is one of my professors, said that if i want to be a pilot and not a manager....then i need to get my ratings first and then he as well as many other people from auburn could walk my resume in for me.....
That would be great..........................but, United isn't hiring.Especially with 300 or so hours. Just a thought.
Don't listen to your professor. Do an internship, preferably at a regional that hires its interns at lower mins, THEN go to ATP.