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Has anyone heard anything lately about the level 1 internship program? Is it up and running?

Yup, its up and running. I have a couple friends who are in it and loving it.

But I've heard the Level 2 program isn't going as planned...
I also have a friend doing the level one internship and it pains me to hear him talk about all the time he is spending in the sims, shooting approaches and such, while I putt around in a 150. I think that it is a great ooportunity.
Yah, but what good is a Citation type gonna do him with less than 1000 hrs.? We're better off putting around in 150's I think dude- its real, hard earned flight much as it does suck.
I agree..thats why I decided to build time before getting any sort of type rating or internship, but it still makes ya jealous when I hear how much fun it is to fly the sims. But at least I can spin the 150, try doing that in a sim.

Fly/instructing is probably more benificial than the internship, but I would like to get the best of both worlds. Fly/instruct throughout the Summer & Fall and than Intern for the 90 days around the time the Winter up here in Ohio starts. I was just curious to see was guy currently doing the internship thought of it.