Interesting question to the automation idea...


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I like C650CPT's last post about the pilot and dog in the cockpit

Here is a question I posed to myself...It is obvious that if something is lobbied well enough, the people can either take it or leave it if full automation is allowed by the politicians. In aviation's case, loss of revenue due to "that one accident" will have some carriers charging sky high ticket prices since they have to pay a pilot's salary. Then you will have some that don't care and will still pay the cheaper prices of automated airplanes. Who do you really think will win in aviation?
Automation will never fully take over. Car plants still have folks working the line. Why? Because humans are still needed for some jobs and as oversight. And, putting a car together is a far less risky operation than flight.

Do you really think a computer could have done what Al Haynes did?

Computers, no matter how advanced they get, are still limited to do what they are programed to do. Many, many times in many different situations solutions are found that have nothing to do with the intended problem. And that kind of thinking computers cannot do.
Good point, but even in car plants don't you think they would have humans doing the more important/skillful/dangerous jobs like welding, painting, etc. and have robots putting in the seats instead of the other way around. Giving humans jobs at these plants seems to be more politically correct than anything, plus it makes a politician look good.