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650,000 +/- doctors in the U.S.

670,000 +/- pilots (student to ATP certificates) in the U.S.
300,000 + Instrument ratings
150,000 +/- Commercial certificates (airplane)
120,000 +/- ATP certificates (airplane)

Four Lawyers for every person in the U.S. (joke) but they say there are about, currenlty, five lawyers graduating for every one job position.

All compared to a poplation of nearly 250 million. You just don't realize how scarce pilots really are (especially at the commercial level and above).
Some pretty interesting numbers there pilot602. I didn't realize they were that low, especially at the commercial level and above. Just out of curiosity where did you get the numbers from?
I dont know if this is where he got them, but you can actually get similar stats off the FAA website. It can break down the number of pilot certificates by FSDO region. If I remember what part of the site, I'll put up a link later.
Yeah those are just rough numbers from memory of the last FAA breakdown. The Doctors were from a CNN story about a month ago.

Search FAA gov and you can find it.
five lawyers graduating for every one job position

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Yeah I think I remember lawyers having the highest umemployment rate of any professional group. But just because you get a law degree doesn't mean you have to be lawyer, it's good for plenty of other stuff too.
All 250 million of the peoples will need a doctor at least one time in their life. They will not need a pilot. Doctors are a one to one session, while the airline pilot can handle as many as a B747 can carry during a flight. The numbers once you look into them make reasonable sense.
86985 Flight instructors in the country,
86497 Student Pilots in the country.

488 students unaccounted for.
Where are they?
I could use at least 1.

86985 Flight instructors in the country,
86497 Student Pilots in the country.

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More instructors than students? That can't be right. Can it? Does it count everyone holding a CFI certificate, or just the active ones? Do CFI certificates expire?
Do CFI certificates expire?

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Yes, after two years they must be renewed (theres several ways to do it...if you do it before the two years is up, you don't have to take the checkride over again).

As for how they got the data...I have no clue.
Remember, all you need to be counted as a student is a 3rd class medical.
I'm probably counted as a CFI in the PHX area, but my certificate isn't current and I haven't taught an hour of dual, besides convincing a captain that he's going to kill us, since Feburary 1996.
I hope you don't have to convince the captain not kill everyone too often.

Hey, with sidearms kosher in the cockpit now, can you have any "Crimson Tide"-type mutinies?

Capt. Frank Ramsey: From Portugal, the Lippizaner stallions, the most highly trained horses in the world--they're all white.

Lt. Cmdr. Hunter: Yes, sir.

Capt. Frank Ramsey: "Yes, sir," you're aware they're all white? Or, "yes, sir," you're seen them?

Lt. Cmdr. Hunter: Yes, sir, I've seen them. Yes, sir, I'm aware they're all white. They're not from Portugal, they're from Spain. And, at birth they're not white, they're black . . . sir.

Denzel Washington rocks. That movie was awesome.
About one out of every 400 Americans is a pilot in some form or another. Wow, I thought pilots were a little more unique.
Now cross reference that data with the "Kit Darby" pilot shortage!
About that CFI student pilot ratio, that is only students working on their private. When they work on there instrument, commercial, CFI, etc they would not be counted. Also I am sure there are a lot of instructors who really do not instruct as a job, but just have it.