Intake Zero Hr Pilot every month?


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FSI have new class schedules every month. Any insiders can tell me how many "new" students walking into FSI every month (I mean with 0 fly hrs)?

I am also wondering if those "Intro to Crew Concept & Advanced IFR Operations", "Upset Recover", "Intro to Glass Cockpit", and "Multi Crew Co-op Training" courses are necessary to consider taking? Should I include some of these courses into my budget?

I have 0 fly time, and about to make my biggest decision to go across the ocean to learn fly. I am pretty sure FSI is the place I want to go (even I haven't tour any flight schools yet, but I've read all the posts about FSI and other schools, I just trust you all people and follow my instinct).

Thank you to all people, I've enjoy reading all post!
Intro to Crew Concept & Advanced IFR Operations", "Upset Recover", "Intro to Glass Cockpit", and "Multi Crew Co-op Training"

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I have been an instructor at FSI for over two years, aside from the "Upset Recover" training I have never heard of any of these other courses.

The crew training is done for contract groups like Swiss Air/RWL/Asiana ect...."Intro to glass cockpit" may be something offered at a FlightSafety Center, which specializes in corporate/airline training. Different than the Academy. Students here do go through a CRM workshop (Crew resource managment) But it is only a 4 day class...
Hello Aviator,

I got those courses summary from a package information sent by Flight Safety Academy. The "Intro to Crew Concept and Advanced IFR Operations" is a 6 - 7 day course cost $1,700, the Intro to Glass Cockpit also, is a 6 - 7 day cours cost $3,300 train in the Sabb 2000 Level "D" equipment. Maybe you are right, these courses are offered at a different Flight Safety center.

Do I need to take these courses to make my C.V look better? Or just concentrate on working the log book hours?
Starting from 0 hours, you need to think about getting your ratings. Private, multi, instrument, commercial, CFI, ect....
Glass cockpit training in a level "D" sim is ways off. Call and talk to someone in marketing about your situation and I guarentee they won't try to sell you Saab 2000 sim time.
I would worry about getting the initial ratings first. Upset recovery (spin) training is included in the Commercial/Instrument/Multi-Engine Course. Some of the Multi-Crew training is required in Europe. I only know of 1 person who has taken that course and he was from France. The glass cockpit course is probably offered here since we have the Saab 2000 sim, but I would not think about taking that until after you have completed your CFI ratings.