Instrument current?


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If I didn't have a current IPC but I took a Commercial checkride intercepted/ tracked a radial and did an approach to put my IFR rating on my License.. so does that mean I'm IFR current?

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Short answer, unless your examiner or CFI signed an IPC, no. Unless you were still in your 6 month window for reestablishing recency of experience by practice, and then only if you met all of the recency requirements in your training and checkride.


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An IPC requires more than one approach. The examiner couldn't "sign off" an IPC without performing all the PTS requirements.

From the Instrument PTS:

Change 5 (9/11/2013)
Rating Task Table
Additional Instrument Rating Desired
Required Tasks are indicated by either the Task letter(s) that
apply(s) or an indication that all or none of the Tasks must be
Rating(s) Held
Area of
Operation IA IH IPL IPC
I None None None None
II A,C A,C A,C None
III None None None C
IV All All All B
V None None None All
VI All All All All*
VII All** All** All** B,C,D**
VIII All All All All
IA Instrument—airplane
IH Instrument—helicopter
IPL Instrument—powered lift
IPC Instrument—proficiency check
Note: Except as noted, all Tasks are required for initial issuance
of an instrument rating.
*Task D: Circling Approach, is applicable only to the airplane category.
**Tasks B and C are applicable only to multiengine airplanes.
Instrument Proficiency Check. 14 CFR part 61, section 61.57(d), sets
forth the requirements for an instrument proficiency check. The person
giving that check shall use the standards and procedures contained in
this PTS when administering the check.
A representative number of
Tasks, as determined by the examiner/instructor, must be selected to
assure the competence of the applicant to operate in the IFR
environment. As a minimum, the applicant must demonstrate the ability
to perform the Tasks as listed in the above chart.
The person giving the
check should develop a scenario that incorporates as many required
tasks as practical to assess the pilot’s ADM and risk management skills
during the IPC. See Appendix 2 for IPC AATD Credit Table.


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An IPC requires more than one approach. The examiner couldn't "sign off" an IPC without performing all the PTS requirements.
True. I think the original question was whether passing the commercial checkride with an included instrument approach reset the instrument currency clock like either (a) passing the instrument rating checkride or (b) the way a new certificate or rating re-sets the FR clock.

I think the question itself is a little confusing since it talks about a commercial checkride without specifying what type. Sounds like we are talking about a commercial with the initial muti rating, requiring the single engine approach to prevent a VFR-only limitation on the CMEL certificate/rating.


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No. Easy way to remember Commercial is a certificate, Instrument is a rating and has it's own rules for flying IFR. (6 approaches tracking etc)