Instructor waiting list!


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I'm planning on attending ATP this summer, and although it may be a bit presumptuous, I would like to know how long the wait is to instruct for ATP, once I graduate. I realize that this also depends a great deal on the entire industry, but a general time frame would be appreciated. Thanks for the input!!
Jim K. is having applicants call back in 10 weeks right now. Who knows what's in store for the summer.

Since most guys seem to be holding out for -121 jobs , it's a long wait.
This thread interests me as well, as I really like the looks of ATP's program and am thinking of starting in the fall.

Sig, does that mean that the applicants are calling back 10 weeks after finishing the program just to interview for the position or that they are instructing after 10 weeks of waiting?
That's another good question. The 10-week callback is just checking in to see if positions are available. The wait could be even longer.

For all intents and purposes, the job interview is the entire program. There are several sets of eyes watching you the whole time, and their inputs are considered.
After completing the program and waiting until time has passed to call back and check in, are the prospective instructors required to answer phones in FL? Is it possible to be on the instructor waiting list and go get a job somewhere else and earn some money or is the FL thing a definite requirement? Thanks for the good info - it's amazing how much work it is to research pilot training.
There isn't exactly a waiting list for everyone that goes through the program. Once you get done with the program you can fax in your resume to the office in FL. If you are chosen to instruct for ATP you will be called and offered a job. You must go to the office to answer phones first then bid on a location you want to instruct based on seniority (age etc...) Some people are in the office longer than others depending on what location they want to go to. Usually there aren't any more than 8 max. in the office at one time.
Just to set the facts straight. I am a CFI/MEI/MEII for ATP in Riverside, Ca. We had a student who went through the career pilot program here in Riverside, finished two weeks ago and will be starting in the office this Monday -- that's a three week lag time between finishing the program and being hired.

I myself finished the program in 59 days, was hired seven days later -- and one year after starting the program as a private pilot with 80 hours, I have almost 800 hours TT, 670 Multi, and 520 hours of dual given in the Seminole. And all that was accomplished despite answering phones for five and a half weeks in Jax.

If you are willing to work hard, have a good personality and possess good pilot skills, the transition from private pilot to high time instructor for ATP can be extremely fast.

I would also say that perhaps the greatest advantage in instructing here at ATP is the caliber of pilots that you are exposed to on a daily basis. Instead of teaching people how to land a 152 at an uncontrolled field, I spend my days prepping airline pilots and military pilots (most of whom are future airline pilots) for their ATP checkride. I have flown with Airbus, 737, RJ, King Air, Gulfstream, Citation, Shorts, Fokker, Lear, Huey, C-141, KC-10, EA6B, F14, F16, and F18 pilots -- I even had the pleasure of prepping one of the Blue Angels! And not a week goes by that one of these highly respected pilots doesn't offer to write me a letter of recommendation. If I were working anywhere else besides ATP, this would be unheard of.


P.S. If you doubt my claims about the recent student being hired weeks after he finished, give him a call in the office after Wednesday of next week -- his name is Craig and I'm sure he'd be willing to share his experience.
Ok, my question is then - How many of the graduates in the career program apply and end up as an instructor? As opposed to those that move on elsewhere right away?
Or perhaps a better way to state the question would be: what's the hiring rate of ACPP grads who want the job? 90%? "most"? Half?
So anyone got any input/stats on the hiring rates out of ACPP? I understand, you do well and you got the job idea. Just want to clarify what it takes, so I make sure when my turn comes around, I get a slot! Thanks...