Instructing in Chicago


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Anyone know of places in Chicago that are hiring instructors? I'd really love to work at PWK, DPA, ARR, or similar airports. Basically anything within an hour of Chicago! Any ideas?? Thanks!
I'm from Decatur, IL and I was looking all over the midwest for a flight instructor job. I almost had a job at the PWK airport but I didn't have 300 hours total time at that time. Anyway look around the PWK airport, there are lots of flight schools there. There are also a couple more at Dekalb. Good luck.
The SR-20 looks like a hot aircraft. Anyone ever flown one? How is the side stick?

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I'd give my right arm for an SR-22. Fast and has a cockpit that would make any 172 pilot go blind if he/she looked at it!
Check out Pilot Journal the magazine. They just had a great review on the plane.

If I manage to get myself hired at this place (hoping!) and get some SR-20/22 time (hoping x 10), I'll do a review as well. I'm making an online flying magazine as a class project, and will be trying to enhance it for general use as I get better with the design and get a server.