Instructing in Aircraft never flown?


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My buddy and I are both new instructors. We have a disagreement. If I, being a newly certificated CFI-A, was given the opportunity to instruct in a Cherokee but had only ever flown Cessna 172's, could I do so?
According to 61.195 (b) I'm almost positive I could. It might not be the smartest thing, but totally legal.
Yup, its totally legal...I've given a couple flight reviews (BFR's, IPC's) in aircraft types that I'd not previously flown. Obviously, you wouldnt want to go instructing anyone who also is unfamiliar with the aircraft. And before you do any flying in it whatsoever, be sure you know the systems. It could be your ass (or ticket) if something happens when you're giving instruction in it. In any case, most places you'll work won't allow you to give instruction in their aircraft without flying each specific one for insurance reasons anyways. The most common situation where you'd run into this would be doing freelance instruction, or flight reviews in customer-owned aircraft. Personally, I'd limit instructing in unfamiliar aircraft to flight reviews only, and only with owners who are familiar with the aircraft. Its a good way to get time in various aircraft though...just use common sense.

Oh yeah, and for a multiengine airplane, you must have 5 hrs. in type. But thats only for multiengine...there isn't any stipulation like that for SE.

By the way, tell your buddy to brush up on his regs...thats a pretty basic thing that instructors should know.
Thanks for thee quick reply. Thats why I don't get it, it seems like such a simple question? So many times those are the ones we have problems with! Thanks again. I'm off to make fun of my buddy. :)
EatSleepFly is right- the only restriction is the 5 hours in type for multi-engine training. Spend a couple hours going over the POH for the aircraft and you should be fine. (I certaintly wouldn't turn down a possible gig just because I have never been in a 152 before...)