instructing at ERAU

Been a while since the post, but I'll respond now. (don't work for them, but did know several IP's at PRC campus.)

Pay is good (as CFI pay goes), full beni's, upgrade to multi- in 4-9 mo's, they will GIVE you the MEI if you sign a 1 year contract (no contract otherwise required) You are allowed to get MEI elswhere if you want.

YOU submit your own schedule based upon student availability, and then they "redline" a couple of flights due to shortage of aircraft (BTW, I understand DB campus is worse: about the same number of airplanes with a lot more students). "Redline" is mostly random, not based on IP seniority. This is one of the big benefits of the school. At the FBO I work at now, the students make my schedule (but, I can line out my schedule for a day, anytime I want. Try to take a day off at ERAU.......) Most IP's take 1-2 days off per week, but a lot will work 7 days.

PRC has a Instructors Union, I think DB just got one recently, also. Dress code for IP is Slacks (Dockers, etc), button-up shirt or an ERAU Flight Line Polo, tie optional, nice shoes, ERAU Flight Line ball cap available also. One of the instructor buildings burned down (PRC) last year, so they are cramming all of the Instructors into what used to be Groundschool classrooms. Very tight. Probably have to share a desk with another instructor until you have some seniority. I don't know what the due date is for the replacement building.

Very busy airport. Both DB/PRC airports are in the top 50 busiest airports (US.) PRC tower has no radar, but have been threatening to put one in since before I was a freshman 5 years ago.

Good equipment, Generally positive work environment. Most IP's are ERAU grads, so have little more experience than the students they are training. (same as most other schools) Expect very little actual Insturemnt time. Very restrictive as to what Pilots can do. If it looks like bad wx, they ground the fleet.
Any q's, feel free to ask.