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I'm European considering getting an FAA CFI rating. As I don't have a legal status to work in the US I'm interested wheter it is possible to find entry level instructor positions abroad with the FAA instructor's rating? (of course after possible conversion)

I know of PanAm Beijing but the last I heard of they were about to go bust.

Thank you for any information!


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We have a couple expats working at the school I fly out of. I don't know all the details but I'm certain it's easier than an american trying to work in europe. Someone will come alone soon enough to fill you in.

In the mean want to come Do you not have a tv? :panic:


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Don't worry I can assure you that it's almost impossible to get a working permit to instruct in the US. I know some people do it "illegally" on a student visa which don't really allow them to work. Then you can get a J-1 Visa that allows you to instruct for a while if you do your whole training at a certain school such as Delta Connection Academy.. So don't worry it's almost impossible to come there as well.. :D

...and yeah you're right. I actually don't have a telly.. Why? Is there something good on? I don't like to watch anything that has to do with world economy though... Too depressing. :rolleyes:


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It might be difficult but it is not impossible. I knew a flight instructor from Norway who worked at the same FBO where I instructed in Arizona. He was able to instruct in the US for two years. Once his Visa expired he had to leave and go back to Norway. I'm not sure what is involved in getting the Visa to instruct in the US, but it can be done.