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I have always wanted to be an airline pilot and just immigrated to the US 2 months ago. I have already visited a few schools with flight programs and was recently accepted into my first choice, Embry-Riddle AZ
. Even airline pilots in South Africa recommended ERAU !

Could you possibly help me with " the inside Scoop " of ERAU. Like, what clubs to join, where to get a job (on campus)? Anything that would help my career or just help me fit in. Also what classes to take,would a minor be a good idea ?


I know many chaps go to Phoenix and with there best buddy go around telling the girls they just flew a GIV in from New York.
hey Capt. Spud! and welcome to Riddle. I go the PRC campus myself and am happy to answer any questions.

"THE CLUB" to join would be the flight team. The audition/trying out process is relatively hard but, they teach you everything you need to know for try-outs. A lot of my good friends are on the flight team and could think of no other way to spend their weekends and part of the summer working and getting ready for nationals and competitions. Plus, you get a really cool jacket when you make the team. Better than any frat I think.

As to the job thing, there's a student campus office or something like that, I don't remember the real name. And they post several jobs offered all over campus and you fill out a resume/application thingy that they keep on file every time you apply for a job. Almost all the jobs are minimum wage, the highest paying job is about 8 bucks an hour de-icing airplanes in the winter (we get quite a bit of snow up here in AZ) but, the downside is you have to be at the flight line around 5 in the morning. Eck, not for me at least.

Depending on what major you're taking, all of your classes are pretty much picked out for you. There are electives that are required but most people wait until senior year to get around to those.

And a minor is always a good idea so, you have something to fall back on if the airline biz takes a dive or something (** HEAVEN FORBID**
My minor is Airline/Airport Management, so after I retire I can still work in the business.

I hope I was of some help to you and feel free to ask anymore questions.
Thanks Pilot Kitten !

I also think getting onto the flight team would be great, only one problem:

I only applied quite late ( for the Aero Science major ) and am not sure when I will be able to start flying. The admissions officer that I spoke to said I probably would only be able to start in my second semester.

Could you possibly tell me how and when I actually sign up for flying ?

I hope to "speak" to you soon and I'll see you at Riddle PRC in the Fall.


Sorry, for some reason can't get password confirmed so, had to change name. Yeah this is PilotKitten.

Ok, to answer your questions, the admissions officer is crazy!!! Are you signed up for FA 110 (if you don't have PPL) or FA 109 (if you do have PPL) ??? I think the officail name is Commercial Pilot Flight Operations I, or something like that. If you're enrolled in that course then as soon as you start that class you're "signed up" for flying...basically put on the list to get an instructor. And as soon as you get an instructor then, you have an introductory meeting with him/her and then you're on your way to flying. Call your training manager EVERY DAY. They're really bad about getting you an instructor quick, I was on a wait-list for 3 months. If it's taking too long then just have your parents call them, they listen real quick when they call.

As for the flight team you don't even have to be a pilot to be a member. Like I said before, with the auditions they teach you everything you need to know to try-out. There's three things you learn at first: Flight Planning with E6-B flight computer, Aircraft Identification (ACID), and something else I can't quite remember right now. (Sorry
)But they teach you all that and if you do good on your quizzes over that then you're in. I don't think you actually participate in the flying part until your junior or senior year. So, it doesn't matter if you start late flying or not. Because you won't actually "fly" with the flight team until after a few ratings and stuff.

Sorry, it's taken so long to reply, but I hope this helps. And I'll try to clear up anything else you don't understand.
I just graduated from the PRC campus. As you probably already have read, PRC is not the most exciting place on the face of the earth. My recommendations: Keep yourself busy with some sort of extra activity...activities. The flight team is great, Within a month, there will be a "club fair" where all of the clubs/frats/etc have tables. I rec. that you attend it and find one that fits. Find a job, either on campus or off. None of them will pay very well. If you can get one related to your field of interest, even better: (I assume your an Aero. Science/ Aero Studies student) find a job at the flight line. (you may have to talk to one of the flight Supervisors to get it) I think a job in the dispatch office would have been pretty nice. Meet all kinds of people, etc.

FOR ME: when I had too much time on my hands (often), I did nothing- while I could have been studying, etc.
When I was had stuff to do, I was able to plan my day and get things accomplished. I don't know if that makes any sense at all. Really saying-don't let yourself be lazy too much. ITS EASY TO DO.

Any questions-feel free to ask. I'll try not to be so long winded

Do you mean going to the school JUST for flight training or going to flight training but not getting a degree at all? or what? I'm not entirely sure but, I think I can find out for you.