Initial hire color vision question


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Hello All,

I have battled color vision ever since I took my second class medical 2 years ago. I failed the test and assumed I was color deficient to a disability. I took other exams and passed the Ishihara 38plate, dvorine, and optec 2000 color screening. Apparently my exam was given in bad lighting with old plates. My deficiency is so slight that a properly lit room vs. a dimly room will cause either seeing all of the plates or none.

I am most comfortable with the Dvorine exam. If anyone can tell me what color vision exam the ATC initial hires must pass I'd really appreciate it. I just got called to take the AT-SAT and this is a little concern right now. I know that ask a flight surgeon may be the right forum, but I couldn't get a clear answer there. Thought I'd ask those who have been through it.

Also, if anyone knows the failure criteria that would be a big help as well. I am curious if it is the same as a pilot medical ex. no more than 6 wrong of plates 1-15.

Thanks all!


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I think they use a modified FALANT (I think that's the term) Involves looking into a light and seeing little red, green or white dots. Not sure though, I'll let you know after I do it on Monday.


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Make sure you drop a note to our very own flight surgeon, Dr. Forred.


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can't help you but I can tell you I've never had a problem with color vision and I've seen some tests that are hard for even me to read, I don't know why.