Info/Opinions Welcome on Choosing a Flight School...


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I have recently left the US Military and am pursuing my dream of becoming a professional pilot. I was wondering if anyone "in the know" has any opinions/info (positive or negative) on some of the major flight academies(DCA,ATP,FSI,PanAm, etc) about who they think has the best curriculum. I need to attend a Part 141 school to use my benefits so that is why I am looking at the academies(no local FBO in the MGM area is Part 141 that I know of). I would appreciate any information that anyone could provide. Thanks in advance for the help.


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I dont think those academies are in the MGM area either.

There are many many part 141 FBOs out there that can do it much cheaper than an academy.

If your set on an academy, ive heard great things about FSI.

I would advise you to go the FBO route though. In my experience, the bigger the school, the more restrictions they have.

For example, I learned at Skypark (15G). I soloed there after just a few hours.

Kent State (20 min away) wont even let their students fly into skypark if unless they are a CFI and have chief pilot approval for each flight.

Sheesh! That is comical.

Of course, the Kent State students still manage to fly off the end of their huge wide long runway once a year.

For that awesome instruction, you get to pay top dollar.

Generally you find more experienced instructors at clubs (old timers who have been there and done that and are not instructing to build hours). On top of that its usually much much cheaper.

by the way, Skypark is a club that is super cheap and does 141 training.

good luck


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Thanks for the info Propilot, I know they're not in the MGM area, but they do provide housing and most are close enough to where I live that I can come home from time to time.