Indoc (Week #2)


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Hey all, I promised an update, so here it is.

This week we basically covered the rest of our General Operations Manual, going through company procedures, 121 regulations governing our airline, and some flight procedures. All the class time ended with a test today, which was tricky but nothing extremely difficult thanks to excessive studying.

Sunday my sim partner, myself, and another upgrade met for about four hours and practiced all the "profiles" we use in the Saab 340B for sim training. Profiles are basically an established sequence of procedures in a certain event. For instance, takeoff profile, precision approach profile, engine failure at V1 profile, and so on. Doing this really helped me to get a lot of the checklists and procedures into my head. Also, I'm starting to immediately move to a proper switch, dial, etc. without having to think about it.

I really can't say much for the week. It was all book work really. We did have an EXCELLENT performance presentation by our Director of Training on Wednesday. I was VERY impressed. We learned about FAR 25 requirements, weight and balance computations in computerized and manual formats, and so on. This class really showed our great CRM colors between the classmates as well. Some of the FOs were understanding things easier than the Captains, so we would help them out. And, whenever us FOs had trouble with something, the Captains jumped in to help us out. I am really anxious for sim now, because I can see it is going to really be an enjoyable experience (especially since we are planning movie nights...).

Today after our test I got my first look at the new crew lounge facilities at MDW. I was very impressed. I also got to meet up with an old friend who I hadn't talked to in a while.

I'm really starting to feel a change as the days go on. It's very exciting!

I'll update again next week sometime. Hopefully I can provide you with some more interesting stuff when we get closer to systems completion, cockpit procedures training, and sim. I know "we went through powerpoints, read a lot, and I studied 3 hours or more a night" doesn't sound too exciting.


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Hey this is really cool.

Thanks for posting it. Its posts like this that get me more fired up about pursuing my dream to be a professional pilot.



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Thanks for posting what your training is like. I find this very interesting and look foward to next weeks post! Best of luck in your training.


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No,No,No........This is interesting stuff keep the updates coming.1.


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Hey FlyChicaga, I've never flown Chicago Express (no real dying need to go to Appleton
), but I was wondering where the passengers board and deplane at MDW. Is it over there by the tower where all the Chi Exp. planes are or do you drop them off at a gate and then taxi over to your ramp?



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These kind of post really excite me!! Can't wait until I'm one day in the same position as you at the beginning of the long career!!!!

Keep up the post!!!!!!!!


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We have 11 parking spots over on the South Ramp by the tower. There is just no more room over by the main terminal. There are future plans (5 year plan type stuff) to build a satellite terminal over there, and have like 10 jetways, to help ease the operation. Right now though we use busses from the A concourse.

It's better now than when I worked here a year and a half ago. Before the busses were contract service, as well as the ramp. Now the ramp and busses are all company employees.


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flychicaga - please keep the posts coming! This is good stuff and is taking the mystery out of ground schools for us. They all tell us that it's hard - but never any detail. Good luck!