Indian Uncivil aviation...... Please help!


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Dear Aviator,

India is one of the oldest and most reputed civil aviation grounds of the modern world. From international air connections to jet fleets to female airline pilots India stood foremost. But today, things are quite different… The supreme authority of the country’s civil aviation, the DGCA has become an other unruly Government office. We know that “Too many cook spoil the broth” , similarly too many responsibilities have taken its toll of the officials who indulge in misusing their authorities which in turn directly affects one of the most ambitious fields in history. Pilot license exam papers are common for all classes of pilot which puts the newbie into grief while the more senior people take it with ease. Substandard control of examination for pilots and AMEs. Pilots grounded for unnecessary reasons and a lot more…

A report expressing the grievances were submitted to the ministry of civil aviation by a group of Indian airlines’ pilots which ironically never saw the outside world afterwards. So we have decided to publicize the report and to bring all misappropriations to broad daylight. So please go through the report and give us your feedback on it. We will use the figures to encounter the problem with confidence and fight to bring back the glory to the country present (un)civil aviation.

Click on the following link to read the Exclusive Report.
The unfortunate thing in developing countries is things like this are pretty much the norm and accepted.