In Malay, “Remove Before Flight” = “Keluarkan Sebelum Penerbangan”


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Malaysia Airlines A330 took off with pitot covers on...

I know it was night, but no-one noticed the pitot covers still in place at pushback?

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 flight MH134 returned to Brisbane Airport, Australia due to airspeed indication failure during take-off on 18 July 2018.

The flight MH134 bound for Kuala Lumpur departed Brisbane Airport at 23:31 LT with the pitot covers on, and reported loss of air speed and returned to Brisbane Airport after 40 minutes into the flight dumping fuel.

According to passengers, the flight made a hard landing at 00:33 LT and the aircraft suddenly came to a stop on the runway. Apparently the crew couldn’t measure the landing speed and made a hard landing damaging its nose wheel.

In a post-landing announcement, the Captain announced, the aircraft was unable to taxi and was waiting to be towed to the terminal because the landing gear door was opened.


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Just thinking L'Airbus would be all sorts of messed up without any usable airspeed. Maybe they had 1 uncovered??

I think Airbus pilots are staring into the future to next years training cycle.


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In Hawaii we have mud wasps that absolutely love making nests in pitot tubes. Because of that, all of our Airbuses get covers put on soon after blocking in and they get taken off (it is an MX function with no required logbook entry) right before pushback. We've has several RTOs in the past few years because of covers being left on, although I don't think anybody has tried to go flying yet. There is now a checklist item as well as required verbiage from the ground guys related to the pitot covers. Also, unreliable speed is a memory item.


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We used them every day, but that was supplemental 121 with boxes so maybe it doesn't count...

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For reals??? How did they get any speed indication? Both couldn’t have been covered. Could the pitot heat have melt them making them partially viable?
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