In another world.

Is that really how good the graphics are on flight sims these days? :aghast:
Ya, pretty amazing stuff. X-plane is what what most of flight investigations are plotted out on. For a desk flyer like myself, it's second to none. Of course there is allways the real thing. Nothing replaces that.
My computer just died trying to play the video.

Impressive climb performance from that Wright Bros. Flyer - particularly around that mountain peak!
What is it? I run X-plane 10 on an iMac quad core i7 with 12 gig of ram and it will do that all day.
It's all some kind of CGI done by Super 78 Studios. They do animations for theme park rides.

X-Plane graphics can look good, but they aren't capable of the kind of water animations you see @ 1:22.

I also have a quad core i7 but still prefer FSX over X-Plane.