Impromptu M&G in Lansing


Ozziecat35 was running a multi XC to Lansing tonight so we had an impromptu meet and greet. He managed to dodge the Goodyear blimp over the Michigan State game tonight.

Me left, ozziecat35 right, his instructor Joel center


BTW Matt, I was back in Grand Rapids before you were handed off to departure :)

Wife said you can see my circle ab in the picture :)


4 out of 5 great lakes prefer Michigan.
Did you activatenthe rocket on your car man? We had a great flight back, went vfr just before Chesterton, IN, went and shot up the Chicago skyline while it was all lit up, then turned around and did it again headed southbound. Chicago Approach hooked us up and we landed at Midwaynreal quick, then some pattern work at Dupage. It was great meeting you John!