Imagine Air

No, but the SV650S is a great bike. I used to have the same exact one except in dark red.
Ohhh Look!!! A Chicken! :rotfl:
ADD can be diagnosed guys, but don't let them treat it, your medicals would be gone in no time... :p

Imagine Air was hiring!?
Can you?
I'm pretty sure they are not hiring. I know someone that was furloughed from there about a month ago.
There's been a cirrus parked here at Bowman in Louisville for about a year with the engine out of it with imagine air painted on the side. I just figured it was another air taxi gone defunct but I guess not.
I interviewed with Imagine Air a little over two years ago and never heard back from them. They could have at least sent me a letter saying that I didn't get the job! I think that is the standard procedure when you interview and don't get hired.

My guess is that they are not hiring.