I'm New! Just Got Hired with Delta RR


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Hi! I'm new here. I just got hired with Delta as Ready Reserve part time (CSA). I start training soon. Wondering if anyone else here could provide me with any advice! Tips for studying for exams/airport codes. What I can expect, tips to help, and anything else. :) Curious - anyone work Delta RR been able to double up shifts (i.e. say 2 days 12 hr days vs 4 days)? Wondering how flexible this position will be. Ready to try it out. I'm excited!


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Know the airport codes inside and out. You would be shocked how many CSA/ramp new hires we have wash out the first week, all because they were too lazy to take a few days to memorize the codes. Make some flash cards, complete your new hire packet, and you'll be fine. I'm in the USair system by the way, I believe Delta also uses a Sabre based system, so the training should be similar.