I'm learning how to taxi. Any tips?


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I\'m learning how to taxi. Any tips?

In a nice little Citabria today. Into an older Champ tomorrow. Both have heel style brakes. CFI with me gave me the 'my plane' a couple times as we came close to the grass.

I asked for help as to what I was doing wrong, and each time, got a you'll learn eventually type of reply. Wasn't too happy with that. Got back on the ground after the flight, and he said "I've got a good book to help you out I'm writing now. $100". Think it was kinda a rushed day, as they tried to fit me in, and he had another student right after me.

Any tips on using heel brakes? Plane is fun, but controlling it on the ground really sux right now. Or, I could go to the one of the other planes with toe brakes.

Ok, update. Went in the Champ today. I like it better actually. It is all over the place because it is a lighter plane, but think that helped with my taxi a bit, and the heel brakes seem to be placed a little better for human use. And the spins were fun too. Odd thing is getting use to not having an electrical system. Turn the radio off when away from the controlled field to save the battery
This is like learning how to fly all over again.

Re: I\'m learning how to taxi. Any tips?

You should learn the heel brakes. Just ask the CFI if you can practice braking and such... the hardest part is going from toe to heel bc they are so far apart.... if it comes down to it, you could always just use your toe I guess (if you were about to slam into something)