IL-18 Aborted Takeoff In Africa

What I want to know is why did he not use the reverse thrust? Don't these aircraft have the ability to go reverse?
I'm not sure if the IL-18 has the option of Beta or not...I'll check and get back to you...I know in the Q400...if we had a rejected takeoff, our proceedure was to:

- Call "Abort, my airplane" (by the Capt)
- Power Levers to Flight Idle, then into Disc (NOT Reverse, unless needed for directional control)
- MAX Braking
- Maintain directional control with rudder and nosewheel steering.
From what I've read...the IL-18 doesn't have Beta, only Ground I guess that's why he didn't use reverse
From what I read on another site (discussing the same vid), the #1 Engine Lost power at Vr...the aircraft looks to be in the air about 5ft, then settled back on the runway. Apparently the aircraft was overloaded (imagine that, in Africa).