IFR aircraft


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Was looking thru the "types of operation" section in my PIM:

When it states that the aircraft is approved for IFR flight, I was curious as to what type of criteria that is based on. Is it just the basic equipment requirements under 91.205 or is there more?
I THINK (and I'm probably wrong) it's this:

Generator of power
Rate of turn indicator
Alt (pressure sensitive)
Ball (in the turn coordinator)
Clock (with a second sweep hand)
Attitude indicator
Radio (?)
Direction gyro

Add to that the standard 'equipment necessary to monitor ground based navigational aids for the route.'
Yeah, thats the IFR stuff under 91.205...which is in addition to the equipment required for day AND night VFR.
I guess I was just assuming that the VFR would already be complied with. If not, well.....