If Your Name Is David Nelson, Don't Fly


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If Your Name Is David Nelson, Don\'t Fly

If Your Name Is David Nelson, Don't Fly

If your name is David Nelson, drive. Don't fly. For some weird reason that name raises red flags on airline screening software, so passengers with that very "Ozzie and Harriet" moniker are being caught in a ist dragnet that must feel like something from "The Twilight Zone." The Los Angeles Daily News reports that even THE David Nelson--as in son of THE son of Ozzie and Harriet--has been stopped by airport screeners and FBI agents.

This is the problem: After the Sept. 11 attacks, a "no-fly" list of names was created that was meant to prevent potential ists from boarding airplanes. Those on this list pose--or are suspected of posing--a threat to civil aviation and national security. The Transportation Security Administration will not confirm that any particular name is on this "no-fly" list; however, the TSA's Nico Melendez did admit to the Daily News that it is the letters in the name "David Nelson" that causes the name-matching software to raise the red flag.

When the former child star David Nelson, who is now 66 and a film producer, was stopped by a ticket agent in December, he was lucky. Two police officers recognized him and allowed him to board his flight. "I don't think (terrorists) have the middle name 'Ozzie,'" he told the Daily News. But other men named David Nelson tell very different stories. One man said a ticket agent took one look at his driver's license and said, "Oh boy. Here's another David Nelson." A few months before that he was already on a plane, when an FBI agent told him to exit. He was searched and allowed back on. "When you get back on the plane, people look at you funny," he told the Daily News.

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