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You've GOT to go to the "D-Day Museum". Holy crap! Go go go, while the volunteers that were involved are still hanging out answering questions.
is it near the airport? if not, how far? how much time do you need to see it all?

Ive been thinking about going there for a day trip.
Nah, it's about 15 to 20 mins from the airport.

We didn't watch any of the movies, but it took about 3 hours to go thru the exhibit. I'd allocate nothing less than 4 1/2 hours to really absorb it.

I've been interested in WWII and particularly D-Day for quite some time and I cannot WAIT to see the museum!

I worked for Congressman Sam Gibbons (retired) in D.C.. He was a paratrooper on D-Day and he gave me a copy of his memoirs (complete with maps) - he has an amazing story as does anyone who participated, I'm sure.

Doug - what was the admission?
That stinks because I was just in New Orleans yesterday on my way to PHX. I'm a total WWII nut (both grandfathers fought) and I even went as far as visiting the beaches at Normandy. The D-Day museum there is AWESOME.
I hopped a flight to New Orleans about three months ago to hit the D-Day Museum. For those of you that want to do it, I didn't even rent a car. Just take the bus from MSY to downtown, then take a streetcar to the museum. The Museum is $10 (and WELL worth it), and I think the all day pass for the bus and streetcar was like $8.
Doug ,
Man I wish you would have let me know you're in New Orleans. I would have loved to come hang out with the founder of Jetcareers. Next time you're here let me know. I'll take you to lunch!
I believe Mr. Taylor may find it a little disconcerting to dine with those who appreciate his efforts so much. We might turn out to be crazy or too gushing
He'd probably get free lunch in any city on any day if the JC lurkers and regulars would come of the woodwork of cyberspace. Doug, have you ever chilled with a JC heathen (aside from that Queen's chap now residing in Southern Cal)?

Hey, any JCer that wants to go for lunch or dinner when they stop by CHO (Charlottesville VA) this summer, let me know! I'll buy. Just bring good aviation stories.
I too consider myself to be a little bit of a WWII "nut." Both my grandparents fought in WWII...against each other! (kinda)

My American grandfather served on a destroyer in the Atlantic. In '42 he had been accepted into B-24 pilot training. Before it started he was in a drunk driving accident (his fault) and broke his back. After recovering the AAC wouldn't take him so he went to the navy.

My German grandfather (no, not a nazi) served in an armor division under Rommel. He was captured in Tunisia by the Brit's in operation Torch. They didn't have space for him so they relayed him to the Americans and he was sent to a POW camp in Roswell, NM. When he returned to Germany he was one of the best fed Krauts around.

Anyone else have any personal or family war stories they'd like to share? Hopefully I didn't bore anyone.
My dad's dad was in the 714th Tank Battalion. They landed at Omaha Beach (after D-Day) and stormed all the way to Germany. Although a participant in many fierce battles, my grandfather managed to make it through the war uninjured. You can read about the history of the 714th Tank Battalion HERE

My mom's dad served in the USN on the USS Vincennes. That was a heavy cruiser and it was one of the ships that escorted the USS Hornet during the Doolittle Raid. The ship sank while on patrol on August 9, 1942. My grandfather was in the engine room and he was fortunate enough to get out before the ship went down. You can read a little history about the USS Vincennes HERE
Another cool thing to do in New Orleans is to take the trolley. You go from downtown New Orleans to some really cool (and expensive) residential areas.

Did I mention that it is cheap, too? I knew that would get your attention.

If i ever stop in New Orleans I will make sure to see the museum. My grandpa served on a destroyer stationed at pearl harbor and escorted the ships out of the harbor. By the way I went to pearl harbor a couple of years ago and it was awesome. It took me the whole day to thoroughly enjoy it so plan to spend some time if you visit there.
There is room that is designed to replicate the inside of a German observation deck overlooking the beach. There was a D-Day vet/volunteer talking about his experiences. I was in that room almost an hour. It is an awesome place.
You've GOT to go to the "D-Day Museum". Holy crap! Go go go, while the volunteers that were involved are still hanging out answering questions.

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I just put this on my "Must Do" List, thanks. Another opportunity to see and hear about history this way is at the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL. The Tour Guides there are WWII vets for the most part, and many actually flew some of the planes on display.