idea for a new study aid / test prep website


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i know there are some online study tools and proprietary multimedia resources for test
for study and test preps, but i've decided the world needs another website.

i thought it would be a good idea to ask if anyone has any suggestions about what
you would and would not like to see on it.

i keep thinking something like the following:

1 - set up your account
2 - study questions for a test (written or oral)
3 - track your progress (site keeps a track of what you're getting and not getting)
4 - progressively concentrate on the weak spots
5 - enter your own custom Q&As

anything else?

it would be rather simple but hopefully useful.

thanks in advance :>
How about a CFI on the other end who could provide a sign off to take the written?

Kind of like what the Kings do.

sponsors, donations? it would be a nice problem to have - worries about bandwitch support

if it gets enough use, will worry about that later. i'm more concerned with 'giving back' at this point. firmly believe in what comes around - goes around. there's a longer story behind that