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Hi, I'm having trouble with the IACRA application for a CSEL certificate. This is for a second retake (1 year time period) I recieved a test id when I submitted the application but my instructor says he can't sign it because it shows application sent more then two months ago. I went online to check it out and it says view/print application when I scroll down, I notice I didn't sign/date it. Did I do something wrong or is my CFI suppose to sign it before I sign it?
Since you are taking a new practical test you need to fill out another application for a CSEL.
Yes, I did create a new one and got two different id numbers. Maybe it takes a while to process?
I'm sorry, that was what I meant. If you submitted it, then I think the best thing to do would be to call the IACRA help line. The applicant does the E-signature at the start of the ride. As long as your FTN number is entered, correctly, there is no reason why the most recent application should not show up when your instructor enter the number in.