Iacra? Can this be accessed anywhere online?

Brian Z

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:sarcasm:Nope, it cannot be accessed anywhere online. Only the IACRA site. You can, however, access it online anywhere.:sarcasm:


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I was almost all done filling out an IACRA part of the hours for an unprepared student once and when I go to submit low and behold the darn thing times out. That was thirty minutes of my life wasted. We didn't even write down the numbers. grr...


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IACRA is the worst invention ever.
The best thing about leaving the Charlotte FSDO Area is that I no longer fill out IACRA for my students, I am back to the wonderful 8710 in Nebraska FSDO Area.
That system has a looooooooooot of bugs.

Roger, Roger

This is interesting to know. The FAA wants our school to start using IACRA. We shall see how this goes...


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I really don't think I can impress on you enough how bad it sucks.

I am a peaceful man, but I just want to rage on IACRA.


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I used IACRA for my last 3 ratings (CSEL, CFII & CFI), and I had no problems at all. Could be just lucky I suppose.

In fact, my new plastic certificate with the CSEL addition came in within 2 weeks of the checkride. Not sure if that was directly related to using IACRA or not, but seems like an interesting coincidence.


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In fact, my new plastic certificate with the CSEL addition came in within 2 weeks of the checkride.
...yea rub it in. I haven't had a single plastic license with my name spelled correctly. My IACRA is correct, my temp is correct, but someone in the FAA sucks.


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Hey, for my CMEL IACRA was acting funny and the DPE shorten my oral, so I got off easy.
That is a common occurrence.

Yeah, IACRA auto loads my middle name as caesy. It is right on my medical, it is right on my certificates, it is right when i check on line, just somebody at the FAA is given me problems.


What day is it?
I have problems accessing it if I do not use Internet Explorer and instead use Mozilla. Apparently the FAA only allows Microsoft to use the IACRA program.


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and it's also not very clear, and if a mistake is later noticed, you gotta redo the entire thing.

I miss the 8710 too.

That isn't accurate. And I don't mean to come off like an ass.

There is a way to send the IACRA application back to the student if he has made a mistake and already submitted the application.

If you log in as a reccommending instructor and retrieve the applicants application by entering his FTN number and bring up the checklist. On the very top of the checklist, away from everything else is a link to "Release Application." This will allow the applicant to log on and make changes to the application.

If the instructor has signed the application then you must complete a new application as a whole. The student is not allowed to make any changes to the application after it's been signed by the instructor.

The examiners can make some changes to the application as well, such as aircraft type and total/PIC hours in type.

Don't get me wrong. It has a lot of holes. No pilots based on a foreign certificate with a letter of authorization from the FAA. No temporary certificates can be validated by the program. Written tests only recognized after 48 hours from the written test. It's mostly a pain in the butt.


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^^that would have been good to know.

On my commercial checkride I wrote town actual instrument in the column that I guess should have been all instrument (simulated or actual). The examiner had me call the IACRA help desk, and they told me to redo it and resubmit it.

Luckily the examiner decided to ''delay'' the checkride for another hours.