IA ride done - figured I should have posted it here a while back ...


If specified, this will replace the title that
I posted this in the general section the day after my ride but I think my original title threw a bunch of people. Anyway this probably belongs here "for the record" anyway ...

I suppose this means I really can fly an ILS afterall!

So the quick and the dirty of it:

Show up a OLS at 7:45 a.m. - after a 1.5hr flight there - and meet up with the DE. We head into a conference room, he checks out my logs and my paperwork and out the door we go. I had already passed the LOC, Single Engine approach and the oral the first time around so all I had left was the ILS, airwork, holds and the partial panel VOR.

We headed over to FHU and got vectors to the ILS. As we line up on the LOC he tells me the No. 1 nav is showing the LOC wrong and to use the No. 2 nav for the LOC. Which meant I was getting the LOC off the No. 2 nav and the GS off the No. 1 - interesting as I had never done that before. We get to DH with out any trouble and go missed. On the missed we get vectors back around and we shoot a LOC, single engine (I didn't say/ask about it - I just did it) we get lined up, do the step-downs and end it with a T&G.

After the T&G we depart direct to OLS and on the way back we do steep turns directly into an unsusual attitude. Complete those and he sets me up on a direct entry into a non-published hold. He says at this pont "mess up this holding pattern and I'm gonna hit 'ya." I do one turn in the hold and then direct to the OLS VOR for the partial pannel into OLS.
Timed turns work out just fine and the airport shows up where it's supposed to. We do a circle to land and as we park he says "if you give me your pilot certificate I'll start typing up a new one ... if that's ok with you."

So it was 1.2 total, .8 under the hood, one IA rating.

Now it's on to the commercial. WooHoo.
Think I told you this - but, if I didn't - please forgive me... if I did... well, then consider yourself lucky

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Knew you'd knock it out the second time around!!

So.... gotta know - you said you had to make a 1.5 hour flight there - did you file an IFR back?
Nah, I mean the IMC conditions around these parts are pretty tough to avoid but I muddled back VFR just fine.